Wood flooring: advantages and disadvantages

For those looking to make home improvements, a wide variety of options are available at any given point in time. Depending upon the room of the house that is to be improved, such options might extend to carpets, laminates, wood flooring and various other engineered solutions.

Wooden flooring is particularly popular at the moment, although it would be fair to say that it does not represent the best possible choice for all. How should you decide whether it’s the right choice in your own circumstances?

You’ll want to consider the likely use of the floor and to assess your priorities. This may seem obvious; after all, surely most people think about floors because they want to walk upon them! The level of use can vary, however, to a significant extent.

Are you looking at flooring for a room in a family home, for example? You may need to think carefully about likely wear and tear, together with the difficulties associated with keeping flooring looking clean and pristine. A carpet can provide a comfortable area on which children can play, but we all know that carpets tend to react poorly to spillages.

It may be that such a thought will have an impact on the type and colour of carpet that you select. Alternatively, there may be scope there to consider laminate or wooden flooring, on the grounds that they can be cleaned that bit more easily.

When we talk about comfort, we may also wish to think about the warmth that you feel underfoot – is it possible to get the same feeling from a wooden floor.


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